Certified CMMI® for Acquisition Supplement Instructor

CMMI models are used around the world to improve processes and performance in thousands of organizations.  The success of CMMI adoption relies heavily on the education of its users—as a CMMI Instructor, you will help individuals and organizations get started on the path to success.

Certified CMMI Instructors who can teach the Introduction to CMMI for Development or Introduction to CMMI for Services courses are eligible to be certified to teach this supplement course as well.


Partner sponsored CMMI Institute-Certified Instructors are highly trained and experienced with the CMMI model and its methodologies. Each has demonstrated advanced competency in the CMMI model, experience with the courseware, and skill in educating adult learners in a classroom environment. Over 150,000 people have taken an Introduction to CMMI course, mostly taught by Certified CMMI Instructors.  Become a Certified CMMI Instructor and join the elite community that serves the global demand for CMMI training.

Certified CMMI Instructors are sponsored by CMMI Institute Partner organizations and are able to teach official Introduction to CMMI courses and Model Supplement courses.  Instructors may pursue certification to teach multiple CMMI courses, but each certification has slightly different training requirements, so please refer to each certification page to ensure you are meeting all the requirements.


Getting Certified

Becoming a Certified CMMI Instructor involves a number of steps along the path to certification.  Click to expand each of the steps below to see the details.

If you have any questions about the Certification process, please email certification-info@cmmiinstitute.com.

  Step 1: Confirm your CMMI Instructor status

Instructors for the CMMI for Acquisition Supplement must be a Certified CMMI Instructor in good standing. Certification to teach CMMI supplement courses is only available to individuals who have already completed CMMI Instructor Training, been observed teaching, and are certified to teach one or more Introduction to CMMI courses.

  Step 2: Submit Instructor application package

Submit a completed Application Package.

The criteria used to determine acceptance of the application is listed in the Instructor Application Review step below.

The Instructor Application Package must include the following: 

  • Your resume showing that you meet the teaching, technical, and model experience and skills requirements described below
  • Confirmation of CMMI Partner Sponsorship:

  Step 3: Review Instructor Application

The CMMI Institute uses these criteria to determine whether proposed candidates have sufficient subject matter expertise to be credible as presenters of the course materials. Candidates must have three years of experience interpreting or applying the CMMI models in a work environment and five years of experience in acquisition showing clear evidence of expertise in at least two critical areas and at least three technical areas selected from the lists below.

Critical areas (select at least two):

    • Selection
    • Systems or software acquisition
    • Program/project management
    • Procurement
    • Quality assurance
    • Outsourcing
    • Acquisition process improvement
    • Acquisition constellation development
    • Supply chain management

Technical areas (select at least three):

    • Acquisition planning
    • Requirements analysis
    • Solicitation
    • Contract administration
    • Monitoring technical performance
    • Validation
    • Configuration management
    • Measurement of product or process
    • Government contracts or commercial contracting


Three years of the above experience and expertise and an advanced degree related to acquisition, supply chain management, procurement, technical management, or engineering.

Applicants will receive email notification of the decision of the Application Review committee. At the CMMI Institute’s discretion, an additional interview may be conducted to ensure the applicant has the necessary CMMI for Acquisition model knowledge. After the resume is approved, the applicant will be considered a candidate.

  Step 4: Complete prerequisite CMMI training course

You must have attended and successfully completed the CMMI for Acquisition Supplement OR Fundamentals of CMMI.

  Step 5: Pass the CMMI for Acquisition Exam

After successfully completing the CMMI for Acquisition Supplement, you can register for the CMMI for Acquisition Qualification Exam by contacting the CMMI Institute at info@cmmiinstitute.com to schedule your exam. 

After you have registered for the exam, you will need to create an account in ProctorU to schedule the exam. You may take the exam at your home or any other location of your choice for a fee of $250. You may retake the exam a maximum of three times, each for an additional $250.

The exam consists of 73 multiple choice questions. To pass the exam, you must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly. You will be allotted 2 hours to complete the closed-book exam. The questions are drawn from the following topic areas:

  • Common Concepts Applied Differently- CMMI concepts applied i nthe acquisition environment)
  • Changed PAs- Changes to CMF and shared PAs
  • ARD
  • AVER
  • AVAL
  • ATM
  • AM
  • SSAD
  • General CMMI Concepts
  • Structure
  • Appraisal
  • Unchanged PAs

  Step 6: Receive your Certification

Upon completing all the steps of the certification, you will receive a certification diploma and will be listed in the Partner Directory.

Candidate instructors must complete the instructor certification process before participating in formal course offerings. Any exceptions to the instructor certification process will be granted at the CMMI Institute’s sole discretion.

Instructors can use the CMMI instructional materials as contained in the Partner Resource Library. CMMI Institute-Certified Instructors may only teach the course on behalf of a Partner for delivery of the CMMI for Acquisition Supplement course. CMMI for Acquisition Supplement course Instructors cannot use the materials to deliver courses independently or on behalf of organizations that are not licensed by CMMI Institute to deliver CMMI courses. 

  Step 7: Renew your Certification

All CMMI Instructor certifications are valid for three years. Certification as CMMI Instructor includes a commitment to ongoing professional development to maintain a high proficiency and skill in the practice.

Please review the CMMI Instructor Renewal Requirements that lists the ongoing professional development activities that are required to maintain the certification. Additionally, a renewal tracking document is also located in your CMMI Instructor files located in the Partner Resource Center.

Helpful Info

CMMI Institute Certifications have a number of steps with detailed requirements along the way. This list is intended to be a helpful place to find the forms and fees connected with each step of the your certification journey.

Please see the “Getting Certified” tab for all of the Certification details.

Certification Step Applicable Fees
Submit Candidate Application Package 
Your resume and partner sponsorship form
No application fee
Partner Candidate Sponsorship Form  
Acquisition Supplement for CMMI for Development Fees vary by instructor
Take the CMMI for Acquisition exam $250
CMMI Partner Resource Center  
CMMI Instructor Renewal Requirements  
CMMI®-Acq Scenario  

Getting Started

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