Get Started

Begin Your CMMI Journey

Many resources are available on how to use CMMI. You can download the CMMI models, attend classes, consult an expert, read a book, attend a conference, or listen to presentations. A good place to start is to review the presentation CMMI on the Web. It includes where to find more information to help you get started.

Learn More About the CMMI Solutions Available

Read the white paper Which CMMI Model Is for You? to help you decide which model to use. Download the models: CMMI for AcquisitionCMMI for DevelopmentCMMI for Services, and the People CMM.

Consult with a CMMI Institute Staff Expert

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Work with a Qualified Consultant

You can work with CMMI consultants by finding a CMMI Institute Partner organization. A consultant is an expert that can help you to prepare for process improvement. A consultant can help you to select the right model(s), get the necessary training, secure executive sponsorship, and plan and conduct appraisals.

Attend CMMI Courses

Those in charge of process improvement in your organization must understand the basic concepts of CMMI. CMMI courses are offered by the CMMI Institute and CMMI Institute Partner Organizations.

Talk to Other CMMI Users

You can compare notes with other CMMI users at a conference in the SEPG Conference Series or in an online community discussion.

Read Books and Presentations

Many books about using CMMI are available as well as reports and presentations from Resources and presentations from the SEPG conference series and the Software Engineering Institute’s Software Engineering Information Repository (SEIR). Here are a few presentations to get you started.

CMMI frequently asked questions (FAQs) and the Ask the CMMI Experts webinar provide brief answers to many common questions about the CMMI adoption, process implementation, and appraisals.