CMMI Compatibility

CMMI can make working with other approaches, standards, and tools even better. CMMI is compatible with Agile, Scrum, ITIL, Six Sigma, COBIT, ISO 9000, RUP, and Lean. In fact, CMMI’s relationships with these standards, methods, and technologies goes beyond compatibility. They complement each other in ways that enhance each other, resulting in even greater improvements than experienced when using them separately.

CMMI Institute offers additional improvement technologies that provide greater value when used with CMMI. These combinations include CMMI and TSP, CMMI and the People CMM, the combined use of multiple CMMI models, and coordination with the Accelerated Improvement Method (AIM), which is product that combines the use of CMMI, TSP, and Six Sigma. All of these technologies help organizations to focus on improved performance, cost savings, reduced cycle time, and increased quality.

Below are links to more information about the synergies that exist between CMMI and other approaches, standards, and tools: