CMMI and Scrum

As an Agile method, Scrum promotes frequent inspection and adaptation, teamwork, self-organization, and accountability. CMMI focuses on improving processes to improve performance.

CMMI and Scrum complement each other in ways that enhance the other. Review some of these publications about how these two technologies have worked together successfully:

Implementing Scrum (Agile) and CMMI Together, an article on the Scrum Alliance website by Neil Potter and Mary Sakry, describes how Scrum and CMMI work well together, including a mapping of the two.

Can Scrum help to improve the project management process? A study of the relationships between Scrum and Project Management process areas of CMMI-DEV 1.3, a paper by Dr. Javier Garzás and Dr. Mark Paulk

Scrum and CMMI—Does it Fit Together?, an article published by Wibas, describes how Scrum provides the “how” to CMMI.

Combining CMMI and Scrum to Minimize the Total Cost of Quality,  an article published by Executive Brief, explains how combining CMMI and Scrum will balance cost and quality needs.

Scrum and CMMI—Going from Good to Great, an article published on, describes how using Scrum at Systematic (a CMMI level 5 company) doubled productivity and cut defects by 40%.

Sprint with Scrum and Get the Work Done, a presentation from SEPG North America 2011 by Kiran Honavalli of Deloitte Consulting LLP, describes how Scrum can be used with CMMI seamlessly.

SCRUMP (Scrum + RUP) and CMMI: The Story of a Harmonious Process Product Deployment, a presentation from SEPG North America 2011 by Jennifer Turgeon of Sandia National Laboratories, presents a case study of using Scrum, RUP, and CMMI together, including implementation results, lesson learned, and recommendations.