Working with Consultants

Consultants help many organizations adopt and use CMMI. Hundreds of our Partner organizations are licensed to provide CMMI consulting services. A consultant knows the CMMI products, knows how to introduce these products into organizations, and knows how to help you to build the executive sponsorship and organizational infrastructure needed to successfully use CMMI to meet business objectives.

Find a Partner organization near you that offers CMMI consulting services. Most of these organizations have websites that provide insight into their approach to process improvement.

Select a few geographically close to you and interview them to find the best match for your organization. Ask them about the types of companies they have worked with and what kind of problems they’ve found and helped others to solve. Ask them where they would start with your business and what they might expect from you. Your CMMI consultant will be a partner in your process improvement program, so take the time to select the right one.

Also, there are limited opportunities to work directly with CMMI Institute staff. Please write to or complete the form found here for more information.