CMMI for Acquisition

Improving processes for acquiring better products and services

Do you ask yourself these questions?

  • How do I ensure that I’m never surprised when I receive a final product from a supplier?
  • Can I prevent receiving a product that doesn’t perform as I or my customer expects?
  • Do I know how to prevent a product or service costing more than I expect?
  • Can I ensure that products and services are delivered to me on time?
  • Am I satisfied with my suppliers’ services?
  • Do I have control of the relationships I have with my suppliers?

The guidance provided by the free download of the CMMI for Acquisition, Version 1.3 (CMMI-ACQ, V1.3) model will help you improve relationships with your suppliers by helping you improve your own processes. It can be used to increase your control of projects, better manage global sourcing of products and services, and more successfully acquire solutions that meet your organization’s needs and the needs of the customer.

CMMI-ACQ provides an opportunity for acquisition organizations to do the following:

  • avoid or eliminate barriers and problems in the acquisition process through improved operational efficiencies
  • initiate and manage a process for acquiring products and services, including solicitations, supplier sourcing, supplier agreement development and award, and supplier capability management
  • use a common language that both acquirers and suppliers can understand so that quality solutions are delivered more quickly and at a lower cost with the most appropriate technology

To understand what CMMI-ACQ can do for you, watch the video CMMI for Acquisition Supplement for Introduction to CMMI Version 1.3.

The book CMMI for Acquisition: Guidelines for Improving the Acquisition of Products and Services, 2nd Edition, is both an introduction to the CMMI-ACQ model and an authoritative reference for it. You can purchase it and many other books about CMMI at most book retailers.

Look through the CMMI-ACQ publications for books, the CMMI for Acquisition Primer, quick reference, and other useful publications.

CMMI-ACQ users are talking about their experiences, issues, and questions on the web. We’ve gathered some of it in Community Discussion. We would like your input on various issues related to CMMI-ACQ. Let us know what you think and we will improve our products and services based on your opinions.

If you are interested in a formal evaluation of your organization’s processes based on CMMI-ACQ model practices, see more about CMMI Appraisals. The CMMI Institute and its partners offer CMMI-related training and appraisal services. You can find a CMMI Institute Partner organization near you that employ CMMI instructors, lead appraisers, and consultants. A good starting place for learning about CMMI is the Introduction to CMMI-DEV and Acquisition Supplement for CMMI for Development V1.3 courses. The CMMI course catalog lists this and other courses that are currently available.