CMMI-DEV: Publications

The CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV) model is a collection of best practices that organizations follow to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of their product development work.

Official translations of CMMI models into languages other than English are available.

The model is also available in the book CMMI for Development: Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement, 3rd Edition as part of the SEI Series in Software Engineering. The book includes the complete model, updated tips, hints, and cross-references; new and updated perspectives essays that share brief but valuable insights; four new case studies; and five new essays with practical advice for adopting and using CMMI-DEV. You can purchase it and many other books about CMMI at most book retailers.

The 12-page CMMI for Development Quick Reference provides a complete summary of the model’s goals, practices, and process area purpose statements.

Learn more about CMMI-DEV and security by reading the white paper Security by Design with CMMI for Development: An Application Guide for Improving Processes for Secure Products. Learn more about CMMI for Services and security by reading the white paper Considering the Case for Security Content in CMMI for Services.

Process Improvement for All: What to Expect from CMMI Version 1.3, an article published by CrossTalk, describes the improvements made to CMMI with the release of Version 1.3.

Additional Customer-Provided Information

In addition to the resources available on this web site, a large collection of articles, books, presentations, and white papers about CMMI and related topics is also available in the Software Engineering Institute’s Software Engineering Information Repository (SEIR). This collection includes categories of information such as General Information, FAQ and News Groups, Benefits and Case Studies, and Implementation (including Lessons Learned). The repository requires registration and is free.