CMMI-SVC: Publications

The CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC) model is a collection of best practices that organizations follow to establish, manage, and deliver services that meet or exceed customer needs.

Official translations of CMMI models into languages other than English are available.

The model is also available in the book CMMI for Services: Guidelines for Superior Service, 2nd Edition as part of the SEI Series in Software Engineering. The book includes the complete model, revised introductory chapters, helpful margin notes, longer sidebars to explain important concepts, and essays that illustrate how the model works in practice and what benefits it offers. You can purchase it and many other books about CMMI at most book retailers.

The 14-page CMMI for Services Quick Reference provides a complete summary of the model’s goals, practices, and process area purpose statements.

One way to get a quick and easy understanding of service issues covered by CMMI-SVC, read the one-page summary, CMMI-SVC PAs in “plain language.”

CMMI for Services Overview is a presentation that will help to introduce you to CMMI-SVC. More details are in the presentation, CMMI for Services: Agile Strategy, a keynote presented at Step Talks 2011 in Portugal, 2011 and SEI Technologies Forum–CMMI-SVC: The Strategic Landscape for Service, a webinar broadcast in January 2012.

If you prefer an article to a presentation, see the publication, CMMI for Services Special Edition of The Monitor from 2010.

Learn more about CMMI-SVC and security by reading the white paper Considering the Case for Security Content in CMMI for Services. Learn more about CMMI for Development and security by reading the white paper Security by Design with CMMI for Development: An Application Guide for Improving Processes for Secure Products.

If you prefer multimedia, learn about CMMI-SVC from the CMMI for Services Webinar from March 2010 or the video, A Brief Overview of CMMI-SVC.

To understand the breadth of services covered by CMMI-SVC, review the one-page overview, CMMI-SVC: Best Practices for All Types of Service Providers. To see an example, review the presentation, Applying CMMI for Services to Health Care.

Some interesting comments and presentations from others about CMMI-SVC include the Prezi entitled CMMI-SVC: The Missing Link by Peter Leeson, the book entitled Making Process Improvement Work for Service Organizations: A Concise Action Guide by Neil Potter, Mary Sakry, with a foreword from Eileen Forrester, and the article CMMI for Services: Surprisingly Flexible! by Christian Hertneck and Jürgen Schmied.

The appraisal tools, Process Implementation Indicator Descriptions (PIIDs) for CMMI-SVC, V1.3, provide examples for each practice to help verify practice implementations and that provide insight into the kinds of work involved in implementing practices.

Process Improvement for All: What to Expect from CMMI Version 1.3, an article published by CrossTalk, describes the improvements made to CMMI with the release of Version 1.3.

Interview and Book Excerpt: CMMI for Services, an interview with Eileen Forrester, the CMMI for Services product manager, covers CMMI for Services adoption, its value to IT organizations, and its relationship to ITIL and Agile.

The Wetumpka High School robotics team is using CMMI for Services to improve its chances of winning the South’s BEST Regional Robotics Championship at Auburn University.

Additional Customer-Provided Information

In addition to the resources available on this web site, a large collection of articles, books, presentations, and white papers about CMMI and related topics is also available in the Software Engineering Institute’s Software Engineering Information Repository (SEIR). This collection includes categories of information such as General Information, FAQ and News Groups, Benefits and Case Studies, and Implementation (including Lessons Learned). The repository requires registration and is free.