CMMI-SVC: Your Input

We want your opinion about the products and services that affect you as a CMMI-SVC user. Here are current topics for which we are seeking specific input.

If you are a CMMI for Services instructor, please complete the Course Demand Survey to let us know when and where you would like a session to be offered. We will build our schedule of orientation sessions based on the input we receive.

Considering the Case for Security Content in CMMI for Services, a white paper by Eileen Forrester and Kieran Doyle, addresses persistent requests for fuller security-related content for CMMI. Review this document and provide your feedback by sending email to

If you are currently using CMMI-SVC in your organization or with a client, consider submitting a report about your experience. Please use the CMMI-SVC pilot experience report template. Email the completed template to

We appreciate change requests and insights shared by members of the community. We welcome your ideas about ways to update the CMMI-SVC model to reflect current thinking and methods related to service establishment, management, and delivery–including capacity and availability management, problem management, disaster recovery, business management, and process improvement.

Share your ideas with others and get their input in Community Discussions.

If you have questions, send an email to or call 412.282.4020.