As CMMI is adopted throughout the world, the demand for translations of CMMI products from English into other languages is growing. This web page provides information about the CMMI Institute-sanctioned translations available for your use, sanctioned translation projects in progress, and how to start a CMMI Institute-sanctioned translation project.

Translations Currently Available

Translations in Progress

CMMI for Development, V1.3

  • Korean
  • Portuguese

Starting a CMMI Institute-Sanctioned Translation Project

The CMMI Institute collaborates with translation teams to complete sanctioned translation projects. Each team is comprised of a project manager, translators, and verifiers. CMMI Institute-sanctioned translations are completed at the expense of the translation team.

The project manager is responsible for managing the translation project and ensuring that the translation process is followed, obtaining signatures on agreements from each of the translators and verifiers, and communicating with the CMMI Institute regarding translation status, etc. The translators complete the translation under the direction of the project manager. The verifiers conduct the verification of the translation under the direction of the project manager.

If you are interested in exploring a translation project with the CMMI Institute, please contact