Jaqueline Ferreira

Project Coordinator - Engineering Process Group (EPG), Radix



Jaqueline Ferreira holds a Degree in Literature at the Unified Educational Foundation of Campo Grande in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil and has a postgraduate in Processes Management at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. Jaqueline is responsible for coordinating Radix´s Engineering Process Group (EPG) with 5 years of experience in software process implementation. Jaqueline also works at Radix, a Brazilian engineering and software company, with Project Coordination, requirements specification, software quality assurance and test. Jaqueline was responsible for the implementation of CMMi-DEV maturity levels 3 and 5 and participated as a team member of the official evaluations (SCAMPI A) conducted in 2012 (ML 3) and 2015 (ML 5).

Track: CMMI On Board

Presentation Title: A High Maturity Improvement Strategy for Small and Medium Size Organizations: Results and Lessons Learned in Implementing CMMI-DEV ML5 in Radix

Presentation Summary: Although Brazil is one of the emergent countries of the BRICS, when it comes to high maturity, Brazilian organizations are not in a good position. Brazil has only 8 published CMMI ML5 appraisals, while China has more than 200 high maturity published appraisals and India has more than 150 ML5 appraisals. Even though few Brazilian organizations perceive benefits for pursuing high maturity, in this presentation, we will present the roadmap for high maturity starting at the implementation of CMMI-DEV ML3 and continuing the process evolution aiming to achieve CMMI-DEV ML5. We will also discuss misconceptions related to implementation of CMMI levels including high maturity. We will also present the most critical sucess factors, lessons learned and return of investment results in terms of process performance and quality.



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