Jonathan Roberts

Product Cyber Security Specialist at Rolls-Royce plc

Jonathan Roberts

Mr. Jonathan Roberts is a subject matter expert in Product Cyber Security (PCS) for the Rolls-Royce Controls Global Capability Team. He acts as a consultant on a wide variety of projects in the marine, aerospace and nuclear sectors. He has over thirteen years' experience working for Rolls-Royce focusing on software development, tooling and consultancy across a variety of sectors including defence (aerospace and nuclear) and civil (aerospace and marine).

Jonathan helped to introduce a CMMI based framework within Rolls-Royce in order to help benchmark internal groups as well assess the capability of the supply chain.

Integrating Models, Standards, and Methodologies

Using CMMI the Rolls-Royce way!

with Satpaul Sall

The Global Software Capability team was given the challenge of benchmarking its internal software groups and decided to use a CMMI based framework in conjunction with ISO standards, such as ISO12207, in order to achieve its goal. Following this approach, they were able to demonstrate success and deliver value back into the business through identifying internal strengths and weaknesses of the audit subjects. Since then, it has become apparent that the same approach could be used in order to assess some supply chain activities and identify the key risks they could be exposed to.

The presentation will discuss the approach that was taken and some of the challenges faced during the journey.


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