Pam Schoppert

Director of Quality Programs, Citizant



Pamela Rusciolelli Schoppert, of Citizant serves as the Director of Quality Programs, overseeing process improvement and quality across the organization. She promotes data-driven, organizational performance management at Citizant by leading corporate metrics initiatives and Program Mgmt Reviews (PMRs). Pam serves as an objective advocate for customer confidence and employee engagement and facilitates strategic planning, leads teambuilding activities, and ensures corporate quality credentials (CMMI, ISO) are maintained.

Pam supports partners and customers with their quality initiatives and appraisal goals and most recently served as a process mentor for the IRS Application Development (AD) organization, assisting with the preparation and conduct of their CMMI maturity level 3 re-appraisal. Pam has over 20 years’ experience applying and appraising against the CMM/CMMI standard and has worked closely with the CMMI Institute as a member of the CMMI for Services model development team.

Track: CMMI Appraisals: Best Practices

Presentation Title: Time Saving Tips and Techniques to Prepare for a CMMI Appraisal

Presentation Summary: When implementing CMMI, many organizations experience stalls, stops and confusion.  They begin implementing the CMMI practices and preparing for an appraisal only to abandon the effort a short time later.  Others drudge along being totally frustrated by questions like "How does my current process align with CMMI?" or "How do I show implementation of a specific practice for an appraisal?"  In this presentation, you will hear about real world CMMI adoption and appraisal examples.  We will also show process plans, tools and templates that have enabled success across multiple SCAMPI appraisals, for both CMMI-DEV and CMMI-SVC.


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