Pam Schoppert

Director of Quality Programs, Citizant



Pam Schoppert PMP and CMQ/OE, serves as Citizant Quality Director. She has served on the CMMI-SVC model development team and is a member of the Technical Advisory Group for ISO 9001:2015. 2016 CMMI Conference Co-Presenter (IRS AD CMMI Case Study). 2012 DC SPIN Presenter (Ways to Add Process Value from CMMI). 2011 SEPG Presenter (CMMI Streamlined and Sporty Panel). 2010 SEPG Presenter (Roadmap for CMMI-SVC: Where the Rubber Meets the Road). CMMI for Services: Guidelines for Superior Service, 2nd edition 2011 (Using CMMI-DEV and ISO20000 Assets in Adopting CMMI-SVC)

Track: Integrated Solutions

Presentation Title: Improving Customer Confidence using an Interwoven Multi-Model Tapestry

Presentation Summary: Successfully implementing a multi-model framework involves industry corporate credentials, like CMMI, and ultimately the customer! This presentation will show how customer satisfaction and government-provided Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARs) can be improved based on the effective implementation of interwoven process models. Starting with executive management and the corporate business office through program and customer-mandated lifecycles and standards, the organization must weave together the most effective process infrastructure to achieve highest levels of quality and satisfaction. The presentation will show that success of the process integration tapestry is best confirmed through a composite customer confidence program.


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