Peter Pedross

CEO, PEDCO - Managed Process Services



Peter Pedross is CEO and founder of PEDCO AG - Senior Process and Strategy Professional with 30 years' experience in software engineering, architecture and process management. He has a degree in Software Engineering, Management Psychology, Finance and is president of the board for computer science at Swiss Association of Quality. Peter worked in almost all possible IT-positions, programmer, tester, process/metrics engineer, project manager, software architect and head of development in an agile company. First encounter with Agile (XP) in 1999. At a leading Swiss financial institute, he was responsible world-wide for life cycles, processes, methods and tools; including CMMI ML3.

Track: CMMI Adoption: Government Sector

Presentation Title: Scaled Agility in Regulated Environments

Presentation Summary: Agile development has the reputation that it only works for small teams. With the growing experience in the community and SAFe as the new industry standard on how to build integrated systems in highly complex organizations, compliance with regulatory requirements like CMMI are a given fact. Creation, documentation and control of processes in a scaled, agile and regulated environment is anything but trivial. An orchestration of such complex system development must be supported by suitable measures. E.g. clear and comprehensible processes need to be practiced and controlled. In doing so, process compliance must be ensured and, nevertheless, executed efficiently.


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