Ronald Lear

Corporate Quality Director, Booz Allen Hamilton



Ronald Lear As Booz Allen Hamilton's Corporate Quality Director, Ron leads the firm’s Corporate Quality Office, in support of over 23,000 employees across the globe. Ron is an accomplished, senior quality executive and advisor with more than 31 years of experience and is an internationally recognized leader in several key organizations: (1) CMMI NextGen Sponsor, Architecture Working Group representative, and advisor, (2) Senior member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), (3) Member of ISACA and the Conference Board Quality Council, (4) Member of the United States ISO Technical Committee (ISO/TC 176 or TAG 176), and (5) Corporate representative and liaison to the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC). Ron holds several high-level certifications including ASQ’s CQM/OE. He is a CHMLA in the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model – Integration (CMMI-DEV & SVC) with over 300 appraisals completed to date. Ron is also a certified CMMI instructor, implementation SME for ISO, CMMI-DEV/SVCs, SCAMPI method, and managing Agile development efforts.

Track: CMMI Adoption: Healthcare Sector

Presentation Title: The Case for Quality: Moving from Compliance to Performance in the Regulatory World

Presentation Summary: In heavily regulated industries, most organizations, including the regulatory bodies themselves, have traditionally focused primarily on compliance to regulations and standards, with the assumption that focusing on compliance would also ensure product or service quality and performance.  That assumption has been proven to be woefully flawed.  Recent trends in international models and standards “adding or emphasizing” performance indicate that the quality (and regulatory) community as a whole has not understood the vital importance of quality and performance vs. compliance. This presentation will describe how the CMMI and SCAMPI method are being used to turn that assumption “on it’s ear” to realize real gains in both quality and performance. 


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