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Pradeep Govindasamy, CTO and President, Cigniti, North America, said “This appraisal indicates that Cigniti is performing at an “optimizing” level; that is, continually improving its processes based on a quantitative understanding of business objectives and performance needs. Cigniti uses a quantitative approach to understand the variation inherent in the process and the causes of process outcomes.

“Our success and growth is reflective of our dedication to client satisfaction and commitment to quality applying industry standards such as CMMI, ISO-9001 and ITIL,” said Bob Donahue, By Light’s President and CEO. He defined the appraisal as a “significant achievement for By Light, verifying our guarantee of high quality solutions and services to our clients and partners.” Melissa Viswanath, Quality Management Director, believes By Light has achieved this CMMI rating due to “a very rewarding environment that appreciates the value and rigor of a continuous improvement model.”

"Our Research and Development Center being appraised at CMMI Level 5 is a major milestone for Techno Brain and this accomplishment is an indication of our continuing commitment to deliver high quality solutions to our customers worldwide", said Manoj Shanker, CEO, Techno Brain Group. Anand Mohan, COO, Techno Brain Group, said, "This is a testimony to our promise of excellence.

TRI-COR’s Chief Operating Officer, Elizabeth El-Nattar said, “We are extremely proud to have achieved CMMI Level 3 for both Development and Services. This validation of our focus on quality and process maturity supports our strategic vision of being the leading provider of Agile Development and DevOps implementation. By combining process maturity and discipline with fast paced cutting edge practices, our customers can be confident that TRI-COR brings low risk and on-time delivery of innovative solutions and services with significant cost savings.

Mitchell Elegbe, Group Managing Director, Interswitch, comments, “We are delighted to have achieved the CMMI level 3 rating, the first business in West Africa to achieve Maturity level 3. The appraisal demonstrates the commitment of Interswitch to maintaining and improving its operational excellence across the business in line with international best practices. Standardized and efficient processes in the development and delivery of our products and solutions are crucial not only for the performance of our business, but also for the services we provide our customers.

“Increasing software complexity and shorter development timelines are creating new competitive pressures for companies,” said Amit Ronen, senior vice president of professional services at Wind River. “Our CMMI Level 3 appraisal further reinforces Wind River’s commitment to delivering world class services and support; and demonstrates that our teams are implementing proven processes and industry expertise to help customers meet evolving market demands and mitigate themselves against development risks.”

"This is a significant milestone in LCG’s ongoing mission to best serve our clients’ needs and recognizes the high level of maturity in our technology practice,” said Ray Tye, chief operating officer of LCG, Inc. “Achieving CMMI Level 3 appraisal is yet another step in our continued organizational momentum to deliver best in class products and services and highlights our increasingly sophisticated technology development processes."

“Achieving a Level 3 assessment from this prestigious organization is an exciting accomplishment for our team and a true testament to the quality work we execute,” said Bill Gerety, CEO of Symplicity. “We look forward to maintaining this high level of service and equipping our customers with solutions that are not only effective and measurable – but impactful to the bottom line.”

"The CMMI Level 3 appraisal fits in very nicely with our overall focus on organizational excellence and continuous quality improvement as an ISO 9001 registered organization. Our goal in gaining the appraisal was to validate the level of excellence in our performance and the rigorous work processes that we know our clients expect from Noblis," said Amr ElSawy, Noblis' President and Chief Executive Officer. "We strive to develop capabilities and build expertise that will better serve our clients' needs.  I am very proud of our employees.



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