Cutter IT Journal Features CMMI Institute Partners: Foreword by Hillel Glazer, CMMI + Scrum Article by Jeff Dalton

Cutter IT JournalA recent issue of Cutter IT Journal featured two CMMI Institute Partners in an issue that explores topics related to agile CMMI.

CMMI Institute Partner Hillel Glazer serves as guest editor and provides a preview on the articles included in the issue and perspective on the agile CMMI conversation. Glazer states,

“I’m pleased to report that the question is no longer one of whether or not agile and CMMI can coexist. Instead, the question has, if you’ll pardon the term, matured to the point where we’re asking what’s going wrong when they don’t work well together and what’s going right when they do.”

In an article, titled “CMMI vs. Scrum? No–CMMI + Scrum!” CMMI Institute Partner and Partner Advisory Board Chairman Jeff Dalton explores CMMI in Scrum settings. He demonstrates an approach to CMMI that is not only compatible with Scrum, but also uses Scrum and agile thinking to facilitate CMMI.

In the article, which is available for download compliments of Cutter Consortium, Dalton urges readers,

“Instead of trying to achieve ‘a level of CMMI,’ embrace CMMI to improve what is already being done within the Scrum team, to scale Scrum to the enterprise, and to expand the scope and influence of agile methods from the team room to the boardroom.”

Read more about how CMMI and agile methods can work together.

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