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The Data Management Maturity (DMM) program is a comprehensive framework of data management best practices that offers a graduated path to improvement. It is easily tailored to each organization’s business strategies, strengths, and priorities. Click here to learn more about the DMM and why Data Management is so important.


Building a data-driven organization is a tough journey. No matter where your organization falls on the Data Management Maturity spectrum, our framework provides actionable strategies and rapid results to help you achieve your goals.

Lay The Foundation

Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model outlines all of the fundamental disciplines of data management, allowing organizations to evaluate themselves against documented best practices, determine gaps, and improve management of data assets. 

Build Internal Team

Training And Certification - CMMI Institute offers a full suite of data management training courses to help you build, grow, and verify your enterprise data management program. On-site training is available for up to 25 people.

Assess Capability, Create Pathway to Improvement

DMM Assessment - A DMM Assessment is a workshop-based evaluation that rapidly identifies an organization’s current capabilities, their maturity levels, and practice areas where additional capabilities are required.

Become a Partner

DMM Partnership - Your organization can sponsor certified Enterprise Data Management Experts (EDME)℠ to deliver DMM consulting and assessment services.

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White Papers

Five Steps to Jump-Start Your Data Management Program

Training White Paper

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Case Studies


Thought Leadership

CMMI Institute's Director of DMM Products and Services Melanie Mecca talks Comparative Data Management in three articles posted in The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN)

Data Professional Introspective: Comparative Data Management (Part 1) 

Data Professional Introspective: Comparative Data Management (Part 2) 

Data Professional Introspective: Comparative Data Management (Part 3) 

Data Professional Introspective: Comparative Data Management (Part 4)



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