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Introduction to CMMI® for Services

80% of the world’s business is service-based.  Learn how to use CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC) to give your organization an edge over your competition. This course will teach you how to use the CMMI for Services model to establish, manage, and deliver services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

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ASCE Bechtel Conference Center
1801 Alexander Bell Drive
20191 Reston , VA
United States
38° 56' 38.742" N, 77° 19' 16.428" W

Date & Time

2017-07-25 – 2017-07-27

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Get introduced to the CMMI for Services -- by the guy who started using it in his own company way back in 2009! Join nationally-recognized (google him!) speaker Bill Smith for this energizing delivery of the official Introduction to CMMI-SVC v1.3 course, at our upscale training center just outside of Washington, DC.

Bill has averaged a stellar 4.9+ (out of 5) feedback rating while teaching more than 123 Intro to CMMI classes (yes, really) to over 2164 students - more than anyone else in the world! His onsite CMMI training classes at 53 organizations including AT&T, Lockheed Martin, the IRS, and the Department of Homeland Security have earned rave student reviews and multiple on-the-spot customer awards.

You’ll walk away with a true appreciate for the CMMI – not just an “understanding”.

A Carnegie Mellon alumnus and former IBM developer, Bill combines 32 years of management and engineering experience with practical insights and a passionate delivery unlike anyone else. He's been given the Software Engineering Institute's prestigious Outstanding Member Representative award for "Leadership in Software and Systems Engineering," and has won industry awards for presentations like Creatively Applying CMMI-SVC in a Very Small Consulting Firm and of course CMMI vs. Zombies: How CMMI-SVC Can Help in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Any instructor can talk talk talk for three days. We make sure you actually learn.

So the choice is yours: sit like a freakin' zombie for three... whole... days... in that boring guy's course and walk away confused and sleepy, or see rock'n slides and actually GeT eXcItEd about the CMMI in our famously student-friendly classroom. (We even play game shows!) Find out firsthand why "Bill's realistic perspective... and his enthusiasm are contagious."

Questions? Call Bill now at 571-232-0146. Or simply enroll with confidence today...Leading Edge has never canceled a class, unlike (ahem) many others who deliver CMMI training. Reserve your seat while there's still room!


*Cost is $1,395 ($1,295 each for 3 or more)


Bill Smith

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