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February 5, 2013
5:30 pm-7:30 pm

Moody's Corporation
New York, NY
United States


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New York SPIN Meeting

Agile in a Highly Regulated Industry: Lessons learned from government, insurance and the financial services world

Speaker: Devin Hedge


The need for sustained innovation in an environment of perpetual change and increasing complexity from evolving inter-dependence — while regulators tighten the screws seemingly on a daily basis — seems daunting to many business leaders. Increasingly, we are hearing Agile’s dirty little failure rate. Could it be that Agile is doomed to suffer the same fate of all previous efforts to deal with the complexities building information-based products?

A study of where governments, insurance and financial services companies have succeeded in a vast ocean of expectations never fully realized gives some clues of underlying challenges often dismissed as “too big” or “outside the scope of the adoption initiative” by initiates.

In this session, we will pick through several Agile Transformation Initiatives within government agencies, and within the insurance and financial services industries, and learn about how middle management budget games, the dearth of leadership maturity, outsourcing the wrong things, and being too process focused severely undermines businesses being able to create the sustainable innovation centers needed to remain relevant. For each area we will look at specific (though masked) scenarios, the solutions explored in each case, and finally, what was needed or learned about what was needed to overcome these challenges.

About the Speaker

Devin Hedge works for NY SPIN Platinum Sponsor BigVisible Solutions, where he is a Management Consultant to large organizations — taking organizations through Agile Transformations with a focus on creating Innovation Engines within organizations. Devin brings almost two decades of experience working in the IT Industry in his role as an Agile Adoption specialist. He has been Managing Software Development, Enterprise Engineering and Program Performance Management projects of various sizes for the last 10+ years and has been practicing some form of the Agile/Scrum principles and practices for the past 14 years. Most recently Devin has been bringing Agile practices and principles to various Fortune 100 corporations.

Devin is an active member of the Agile community, mentoring professionals from the server room to the board room through various professional organizations and Agile Community functions.

Devin is a former Army Officer. His industry experience includes Healthcare, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Internet Startups, Media, and Federal Government Agencies, where he has used Agile Practices in highly regulated environments under standards such as ISO9000/9001-2000 and SEI CMM/CMMI.

About the New York SPIN

For more information about the New York SPIN, please see: http://nyspin.org.

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