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CMMI models are used around the world to improve processes and performance in thousands of organizations.  The success of CMMI adoption relies heavily on the education of its users—as a CMMI Instructor, you will help individuals and organizations get started on the path to success.


*Registration for this course closes 21 days before the start date

*An application and/or a pre-course assignment is required for this course (see "Prerequisites" tab). Applications must be received 1 month before the start of the course

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This three-day course prepares and qualifies professionals to teach an Introduction to CMMI course. This course reviews the details, format, and methodologies required to facilitate the Introduction to CMMI course.

To become a candidate, individuals must qualify for the applicable Instructor certification program and demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the applicable CMMI model as well as experience in teaching. Once certified, instructors may teach the course either within their own organizations or in other organizations, depending on their sponsoring organization's license agreement with the CMMI Institute.


This course enables participants to:

  • present and facilitate the Introduction to CMMI course using common guidelines for interpreting the CMMI model
  • demonstrate an in-depth understanding of CMMI model content

Successful completion of this course requires the student to attain a passing score on the following elements:

  • participation and teamwork
  • presentation  and communication skills
  • facilitation and listening skills
  • course assignments and in-class activities
  • knowledge of the CMMI model and structure.

The Instructor Training course is composed of lectures, exercises, candidate presentations, and work assignments that are completed before and during the week the course is offered. Each of the three CMMI constellations (Acquisition, Development, and Services) will be discussed during the course. While Candidates will be exposed to all three CMMI constellations, your individual certification will focus on a single CMMI Instructor certification.

Please refer to the Introduction to CMMI Instructor certification pages for more details.


CMMI Institute Partner-sponsored Certified Instructors are highly trained and experienced with the CMMI model and its methodologies. Each has demonstrated advanced competency in the CMMI model, experience with the courseware, and skill in educating adult learners in a classroom environment.

Before registering for the CMMI Instructor Training course, students must 

  • complete a formal offering of the Introduction to CMMI course (Development or Services)
    • if the Introduction to CMMI course that you attended was based on CMMI Version 1.1 or 1.2, you must successfully complete the Fundamentals of CMMI elearning course
  • complete an Advancing Organizational Capability: Applying CMMI course
  • pass the CMMI Instructor Training Entrance Exam
  • complete the application process to become a Certified CMMI Instructor (Development or Services)
  • be able to read, write, and speak understandable English. You will not pass this course if you cannot demonstrate this requirement. If you are a non-native English speaker, we strongly recommend that you provide your TOEFL score as demonstration of this prerequisite. Throughout the course, you will be required to present technical concepts in English. Successful completion of this course is dependent upon your class participation and presentations that will be evaluated for skill and comprehension.

Completion of any pre-class work that may be assigned is required. Your instructor will send any assignments to you in advance of the course.

Please refer to the Introduction to CMMI Instructor certification pages for more details.



Upcoming Course

2018-07-11 – 2018-07-13


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