Why should you select CMMI for improving your business?

Leads to business success

Many CMMI using businesses have beneficial results to their bottom line. Some of these businesses have shared their success stories. There are many common benefits that businesses have experienced, including improvements in schedule and cost performance, product and service quality, forecasting accuracy, productivity, customer satisfaction, return on investment, and other measures of performance.

Cost effective

All of these benefits are achieved with significant return on investment.

Works well with other technologies

Businesses have learned through experience that CMMI Compatibility exists with other technologies such as Agile, Scrum, Six Sigma, ITIL, ISO standards, Team Software Process, and Architecture-Centric Engineering.

Many users who share their experiences using CMMI

CMMI is used by small and large companies alike in a variety of industries including electronics, health services, finance, insurance, and transportation. User companies include Boeing, General Motors, JP Morgan, Bosch, and many others. Achievements of user organizations are available in company profiles, which include a summary of recent user activity (CMMI for SCAMPI Class A Appraisal Results – maturity profile) and the Published CMMI Appraisal Results (PARS) database of appraisal results. Many users share information in Community Discussions you can join.

Excellent track record

The CMMI Timeline shows that these products have a large following of users that have stayed with CMMI-based improvement since its inception in 1995.

Always improving

CMMI continues to evolve to meet the needs of businesses around the world. Significant consideration is given to insights and feedback received from the user community. Research and development for future versions is ongoing.

Solid reputation

CMMI work is centered at the CMMI Institute. From its inception, CMMI has been committed to providing a product suite that is useful and usable, and that improves with time. The CMMI Institute works with process improvement experts from government and industry who are also CMMI users and support the maintenance of CMMI. Our people are an important strength built into CMMI products.

To find out which CMMI solutions might be right for you, read Which CMMI Model Is for You? Although most businesses start with one model, others are benefiting from the use of multiple CMMI models. Ben Linders describes the benefits of using all three models in his post CMMI V1.3: Combining Acquisition, Development and Services.

Getting started with CMMI introduces the steps to improving your business performance.