Success Stories

Since CMMI’s introduction in 2000, its many users have talked about how they met their business objectives using CMMI. A small subset of these success stories are collected here.

Attracting Investment in Process Improvement through Strategic Positioning, a presentation by Mark Frazer of Welch Allyn Inc., describes success through tying into the business’s real goals, making sure executives understand the “whys” of process improvement, and other ways to integrate process improvement into the business.

How a Strong and Principled PPQA Overcomes Acute Challenges to Process Improvement, a presentation by Sally Hannington and David Fulcher of UK Life, describes how the world’s 5th largest insurance group experienced benefits such as increased quality, customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and on-cost delivery using auditing and PPQA (a CMMI process area).

Leveraging CMMI-ACQ and CMMI-DEV to Improve Supplier Performance, a presentation by Kileen Harrison and Anne Prem of Booz Allen Hamilton, describes how these two models were used to realize benefits at the Navy’s SPAWAR including fewer complaints, improved quality, and improved collaboration with suppliers.

Aligning CMMI Implementation & Organizational Strategy for Better Competitive Advantage, a presentation by Madhumita Sen of IBM and Ron Radice of Software Technology Transition, describes how CMMI supports business objectives at IBM by describing different sample cases of adoption.

Improved Performance Should Be Expected from Process Improvement, an article by David Consulting Group for the Data & Analysis Center for Software, describes the improved performance resulting from CMMI use.

Using CMMI to Improve Earned Value Management, a report by Paul Solomon, describes how CMMI and Earned Value Management work hand-in-hand to provide cost-effective process improvement.

Benefits of CMMI Within the Defense Industry, a presentation assembled by NDIA members, quantifies the performance results realized from using CMMI at AIS, Harris, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Picatinny Arsenal, and Raytheon.

There are many other presentations, articles, books, webinars, videos, white papers, and reports available that contain case studies, lessons learned, advice, and more. This information is available from the CMMI Institute’s Resources.

Contact the CMMI Institute if you are interested in receiving additional guidance on CMMI or if you would like to share your CMMI implementation experiences. If you prefer to discuss CMMI with a person, contact the CMMI Institute at [insert phone number here].

Also, consider attending an event in the SEPG Conference Series. At these events, you can witness presentations by organizations that have adopted CMMI and related products. These events also provide opportunities to interact with CMMI users, experts, and consultants.

Additional Customer-Provided Information

There is a large collection of articles, books, presentations, and white papers about CMMI and related topics in the Software Engineering Institute’s Software Engineering Information Repository (SEIR). This collection includes categories of information such as General Information, FAQ, News Groups, Benefits, Case Studies, and Implementation (including Lessons Learned). The repository requires registration and is free.