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CMMI Institute

Capability Counts 2018

Capability Challenge 2018

*Submission Closed*

The Capability Challenge competition showcases thought leaders from around the world who are improving their business performance by building organizational capability.

  • Presented in a series of webinars, these leaders will share their unique stories on how building key capabilities at their organization has resulted in improved performance, quality, and/or profitability.
  • Four of these competitors will then advance to the Capability Challenge Finals, to take place at the Capability Counts 2018 conference on 1-2 May in Reston, Virginia. The finalists will present their story to 350+ conference attendees and compete for the title of Capability Challenge Champion!

Click here to learn more about:

- How the Capability Challenge works

- The criteria the entries are judged on

- The voting process

- What the Capability Challenge Champion wins

Click here to view Submission Guidelines


2016 Capability Challenge winner Michael Callihan discusses the value CMMI Institute brings to AEGIS.net: