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1 & 2 May, 2018

Reston, VA

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Software Sizing Using Story Point – Statistical Control

Wael Philops, ITS

Software Sizing Using Story Point – Statistical Control

How did your improvement help the organization achieve its goals?

  • Improve the accuracy of estimation process
  • Improve the effort variance standard deviation

How did adoption or use of the CMMI contribute to the improvement?

By using CAR and OPP process areas which focus on creating the organization baselines and analysis of the root cause of variation gives ITS a measurable way to manage the OPM process area and highlight the issue of Effort Variance sigma due to its way of estimation.

Why should this implementation be considered successful?

Dramatic improvement in customer stratification due to high accuracy of planning Using the new estimation approach and productivity we are expecting 20% increase in 2018 index. Improve the probability of achieving the EV goals by 90%. Able to measure the product quality by measuring the defect density.

Wael Philiops

Wael Philops is a Quality Assurance and Process Improvement Manager with 20+ years of management and software engineering experience. He is one of the very few experts in his field in the MENA region. He has knowledge of quality assurance activities including audits, recommending and implementing corrective actions, providing accurate documentation of statistical reports and ensuring overall compliance. He has demonstrated excellence in communication skills with various levels of management, regulators, board members and suppliers. He heads a number of committees. These include the SEPG, Risk committees and others, in addition to managing customer satisfaction.