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Putting CMMI to Work

Sapna Sharma, Espire Infolabs

Putting CMMI to Work

How did your improvement help the organization achieve its goals?

By directly linking performance baselines with organization cost and later optimizing project's cost mix to maximize profitability by deploying optimized solutions from simulations from Oracle Crystal ball.

How did adoption or use of the CMMI contribute to the improvement?

Adoption of the CMMI models directly linked with direct costs of the projects and thus the profitability. This has made the adoption of the model widespread and higher rate of acceptance amongst practitioners. The chances of meeting SLA (for service projects), and overall external defect leakage (for development projects) gets tracked right at the start of the project and throughout the life of the project along with what average offshore cost would be maintained at the desired levels of performance.

Why should this implementation be considered successful?

This implementation has been directly linked with project's performance and now with KRA of the project teams. With this practical usage baked in to the model, and its acceptance , no other performance model has been as successful in the organization as this one.

Sapna Sharma

Sapna Sharma leads the quality excellence function at Espire. At Espire, she oversees initiatives for organization wide process definition, refinement and risk assessment. Sapna ensures Projects delivered by Espire are managed optimally throughout the project lifecycle and conform to client expectations and timelines. She provides guidance for process and functional assessments. Sapna also recommends improvements in the development organization of our clients. Sapna played a key role in Espire’s successful appraisal for CMMI Level 5 Ver 1.3 (Dev + SVC). She has over 20 years of industry experience.