Understanding your organization’s capabilities is a key factor in your success.

To thrive in a competitive global marketplace, organizations and individuals need to execute. But if you don’t understand your capability, how can you know how you are executing? That’s the value of CMMI. Used historically in software and systems engineering, CMMI offers guidance for diagnosing problems and accelerating performance across all areas of an organization.

Did You Know? You can tailor your CMMI adoption to achieve business goals and measurable results.

  • Achieve quick wins by starting with one or two CMMI process areas for focused improvement.
  • Build recommended CMMI practices into your business from the ground up to achieve high performance.
  • Develop the internal capability to understand and benchmark your performance. Assess your organization’s capability
  • Secure important business opportunities or help your team accelerate performance.
  • Work with a CMMI Partner to achieve a CMMI maturity level rating as a way to communicate your capability for internal stakeholders or to better compete for contract work.
  • See for yourself: Who Uses CMMI?

Get Started: CMMI Institute supports the full lifecycle of capability building by providing access to our Partner Network, online assessments, training, certifications, resources, and appraisal services based on our models.  Get started with CMMI.

What Do You Get? Organizations using CMMI to build capability have achieved improvement in customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and organizational performance—all of which benefit the bottom line. The power of CMMI® is not in the practices alone, but in its ability to help you identify where you have performance gaps—shifting you to a laser sharp focus on where improvements will make the most impact.