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Certified CMMI Associate Exam


Become a Certified CMMI Associate

The first of its kind, the Certified CMMI Associate will help individuals committed to excellence in capability improvement to identify themselves for professional career growth and advancement.

If you’re beginning your journey as a CMMI practitioner and looking to demonstrate your commitment to capability and performance improvement efforts, earn additional responsibility, and stand out to potential employers, the CMMI Associate Certification is right for you.

CMMI Associates are examined for their understanding of the three CMMI models:

  • CMMI for Acquisition V1.3
  • CMMI Development V1.3
  • CMMI for Services V1.3

Prerequisite Requirements

Becoming a Certified CMMI Associate involves a number of steps along the path to certification.

Certification Process

  1. Complete a prerequisite CMMI training course.

  2. Prepare for the CMMI Associate Exam​.

    The CMMI Associate Exam is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of all three CMMI models: CMMI Acquisition, CMMI Development, and CMMI Services.

    We recommend that you become familiar with all three models.

  3. Take the CMMI Associate Exam​

    The 60-question, 180-minute online examination is composed of multiple choice, true/false, and multiple select questions. The examination is open book and may be taken at home or work.

    The CMMI Associate Exam fee is $250.

    Each student has 30 days to take the associate exam once purchased (or once they gain access as a student).

  4. Receive your Certification​

    If you complete a prerequisite course and pass the CMMI Associate Exam, your certification will be granted. Students must receive an 80 percent or higher to pass the Associate Certification Exam.

    Once achieved, this certification will be valid for three years. Renewing the certification requires retaking the associate exam.

    Upon meeting all the requirements students will receive a certification diploma and will be listed in the online CMMI Associate Directory.

Total $250.00