CMMI Institute

Capability Counts 2018

Value Stream Mapping: Workshop for Success

8:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Instructor: Becky Fitzgerald, Principal and Co-Founder, Two Harbors Fee: $250 What is Value Stream Mapping? How do I use it to help understand the current state? How does VSM increase an appraisal’s value? Offering an introduction, background, and stories from the field to contribute to your set up and execution of a sample exercise. Learn about this effective and useful technique to help even the most challenged environments get past interpersonal, organizational, and work habit challenges to see how work flows (or doesn’t!) through their systems. Attendees who attend will learn to:
  • plan and prepare for conducting an impactful Value Stream Mapping workshop
  • overcome typical sticking points and keep the information flowing
  • capture measures for use in evaluating current and future system performance
  • create guides and job-aids leveraging those provided in the workshop
Level and Orientation of the Audience, including Prerequisites (All Levels, No Prerequisites): This tutorial is useful for any organization curious about how to leverage Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to provide a high-level map of their system(s), a practical approach to gaining a common understanding across stakeholders, and a pragmatic solution to drawing silo’d thinking up to a systems viewpoint. VSM may also be used a highly effective entre activity leading into an appraisal.