Data Management Maturity (DMM)℠

The Chief Data Officer’s Best Friend. Why?

To drive strategic insights that lead to competitive advantage, businesses must make the best and smartest use of today’s vast amount of data. To accomplish this, organizations need to apply a collaborative approach to optimizing their data assets.

Major Challenges for the Data Management Executive

  • How do I get my arms around the problem?
  • How do I educate and inform my multi-leveled audiences?
  • How do I define and plan the high priority initiatives?
  • How do I achieve commitment to build and sustain a successful data management program?

What would help?

  • A common terminology
  • Shared understanding among stakeholders
  • A clear path to increasing capabilities
  • A real solution for achieving the elusive alignment and agreement between the business and IT

The DMM model outlines data process improvement across business lines, allowing executives to make better and faster decisions using a strategic view of their data.

The DMM℠ Product Portfolio

The strength of DMM℠ is not limited to the model itself—it is also the support of the DMM Product Portfolio to help you bring Data Management Maturity into your organization. Utilize these DMM resources to get started:

Data Management Maturity (DMM)℠ Model

For organizations that seek to evaluate and improve their data management practices, CMMI® Institute has developed the Data Management Maturity (DMM)℠ model to bridge the perspective gap between business and IT. It provides a common language and framework depicting what progress looks like in all of the fundamental disciplines of data management, and offers a gradated path to improvement which is easily tailored to an organization’s business strategies, strengths and priorities.

DMM diagram

DMM defines data management in specific process areas grouped by categories. These processes are defined at the specific business process level so organizations can be assessed against documented best practices to improve their management of data resources across functional, business unit and geographic boundaries.

The DMM model helps organizations to become more proficient in their management of critical data and to provide a consistent and comparable benchmark for regulatory authorities in their efforts to control operational risk. The DMM model is constructed based on the foundational principles of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)®. For more than 20 years, the proven framework of the CMMI has helped guide thousands of organizations worldwide through improvement activities resulting in lowered risk, increased predictability and performance, and increased profitability.

Performance. Predictability. Profitability.

How to use the DMM to develop your organization’s data management practice.

Get a DMM assessment.

Hire a DMM-certified professional to run our proven, facilitated evaluation method, which involves gathering a broad range of key stakeholders to evaluate capabilities together. When used in conjunction with the DMM model, this method allows an organization to quickly evaluate its current state of data management maturity relative to key goals and achieve actionable improvements, both strategic and tactical, to its data management program. As some of the first organizations to have DMM assessments, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan have made great strides in their data management practice—your organization could be next! Email to learn more about how you can schedule your assessment.

Join the DMM Partner Network.

CMMI Institute is powered by a community of more than 400 partner organizations that are guiding businesses in the successful use of the CMMI models. Partner organizations enter into an agreement to provide certain services through qualified staff members or contractors, known as “sponsored individuals”. As a Partner for DMM, your organization can sponsor certified Enterprise Data Management Experts (EDME)℠ to deliver DMM consulting and assessments. Visit the Become a DMM Partner page to learn more.

Pursue DMM Training & Certifications.

CMMI Institute has a full suite of successive DMM training classes and certification pathway. In addition to the elearning course available to anyone who wants to build their understanding of data management best practices, the Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME) certification program will prepare data management professionals to facilitate assessments against the DMM model and assist in implementing data management best practices. Qualifications for certifications are equally achievable by those who have a business background as well as those working in the IT/data management space. Subscribe to the DMM email list to stay on top of DMM training and certification opportunities.


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