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CMMI® V2.0

CMMI V2.0 helps organizations quickly understand their current level of capability and performance in the context of their own business objectives and compared to similar organizations.

  • 54%

    Reduce rework by 54%.

  • 70%

    Improve product quality up to 70%.

  • 54%

    Improve productivity up to 54%.

  • 23%

    average improvement in defect containment

  • 38%

    Development velocity increased up to 38%.


CMMI V2.0 Key Improvements

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Improve Business Performance

Business goals are tied directly to operations in order to drive measurable, improved performance against time, quality, budget, customer satisfaction and other key drivers.

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Build Agile Resiliency and Scale

Direct guidance on how to strengthen agile with Scrum project processes with a focus on performance.

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Increase Value of Benchmarking

New performance-oriented appraisal method improves reliability and consistency of benchmarks while reducing preparation time and lifecycle costs.

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Accelerate Adoption

Online access and adoption guidance make the benefits of CMMI more accessible than ever.

Take Organizational Performance to the Next Level with CMMI V2.0

See how CMMI V2.0 can take organizational capability and performance to the next level.

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The new assessment method made it possible for us to have a successful appraisal and made it much easier for us to adopt other methods such as Agile.

Hong Ou, EPG Leader, China Merchants Bank


Integrated Product Suite

CMMI V2.0 is an integrated product suite consisting of 5 components that, when used together, provide a clear and proven path to achieving your business objectives.

Training & Certification

Updated training has modular components with virtual and in-person options. The training is more learning objective oriented.


Clear pathway to performance improvement. Simplified for accelerated adoption.

Adoption Guidance

Guidance for a smooth transition from CMMI V1.3 to V2.0 and for new adopters helps users get started with CMMI V2.0.

Systems & Tools

Redesigned system to access online models and resources.

Appraisal Method

A new appraisal method helps to increase reliability while reducing overall cost.

What View is Right for You?

CMMI V2.0 is one model with multiple customized views that apply to different business environments, enabling organizations to create a view of the model that meets their specific performance improvement needs.

  • Does your organization…

    • …struggle to deliver products and services that really satisfy all of your users’ needs?
    • …often find it difficult to eliminate defects in your products and services?
    • …want to design a product or service that gives you the edge over the competition?

    Then you need CMMI Development

    CMMI best practices will help your organization improve efficiency, speed, and product quality fueled by a lower number of defects.

    Luc Chiasson, Group Leader of Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement, CAE

    How it can help

    The Development view provides guidance for improving an organization’s capability to develop quality products and services that meet the needs of customers and end users.

    Key Benefits

    • Increase quality
    • Reduce cost
    • Improve time-to-market
    • Improve product lifecycle management
    • Gain organizational agility
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  • Does your organization…

    • …find it difficult to align resources to meet service demand?
    • …aspire to maintain a consistently high level of customer service?
    • …struggle to deliver services on time and within a budget?

    Then you need CMMI Services

    CMMI has taken our service delivery to the next level. It has helped build internal strength, synergizes our efforts better, and brought us to a level of zero defects.

    Mike Doobay, Global Leader for Minacs Marketing Solutions and Minacs IT Services

    How it can help

    The Services view provides guidance for improving organization’s capability to efficiently and effectively deliver quality service offerings that meet market and customer needs.

    Key Benefits

    • Gain customer loyalty
    • Develop resiliency
    • Improve time-to-market
    • Increase quality
    • Reduce cost
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  • Does your organization…

    • …spend too much time solving your problems with suppliers?
    • …worry that your suppliers don’t understand your requirements and expectations?
    • …want to improve your operational efficiencies by leveraging supplier’s capabilities to deliver quality solutions?

    Then you need CMMI Supplier Management

    We are excited about the continued employment and improvement of these processes for acquiring the best possible systems for our customers and end users.

    Chris Beres, General Manager of LinQuest Corporation's Space Systems Engineering and Integration Group

    How it can help

    The Supplier Management view provides guidance for improving organization's capability to identify and manage suppliers and vendors in a way that maximizes supply chain efficiency and reduces risk.

    Key Benefits

    • Meet growth demands
    • Keep pace with product demands
    • Reduce supply chain risk
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Take Advantage of CMMI V2.0

Continue building your organizational capabilities and better meet your business objectives by taking advantage of our newly architected CMMI V2.0 model.

Contrasting CMMI V2.0 with CMMI V1.3: What are the Key Differences?‚Äč

Find clarity between the key differences of CMMI V1.3 and V2.0 by clicking the link above.


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CMMI Institute acknowledges those who helped to make CMMI V2.0 possible.

A Word from Our CMMI Chief Architect

Sustaining Habit and Persistence – Intentions and Approaches for Implementation Infrastructure (II) and Governance (GOV)

If people continue to consciously follow the process for several iterations, they ultimately transition to the point where they are unconsciously following the process. They no longer need to think about it; it is simply the way business is done in the organization.

Assessing Your Organization’s Capability For Remote Work and Virtual Delivery Using EVSD

Based on years of research on lessons learned and best practices, this new draft CMMI V2.0 PA: Enabling Virtual Solution Delivery (EVSD) was created to provide organizations, projects and individuals with a set of best practices organized in a way to provide them with a consistent means for continually improving their performance for virtual/remote delivery and work.

Lessons Learned From the Field on Virtual CMMI Course and Appraisal Delivery

COVID-19 has changed the face of business around the globe, seemingly overnight, and its impact on how businesses operate is going to last for years. Luckily, human beings are resilient, and we have found creative ways to work around social distancing, quarantines and the other constraints posed by the pandemic.



Learn how CMMI V2.0 can take your organizational capability and performance to the next level.

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