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    May, 2019

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    May, 2019


CMMI V2.0 Upgrade Training for Lead Appraisers and Instructors


TBD Reston, Virginia United States

Date & Time

Monday May 06, 2019
Friday May 10, 2019
Monday May 06, 2019 - Friday May 10, 2019


Full Event Description

Individuals who are currently certified as Lead Appraisers or Instructors for CMMI V1.3 products will need to go through CMMI V2.0 upgrade training courses in order to transfer their certifications to CMMI V2.0 products.

CMMI V2.0 Certification Upgrade Training Courses

In order to upgrade your CMMI V1.3 Instructor or Lead Appraiser Certifications to CMMI V2.0 certifications, you must complete the following:

1. CMMI V2.0 Model Upgrade Training – 2 days, in person class


2. CMMI V2.0 Instructor Upgrade Training – 1 day, in person class 


3. CMMI V2.0 Lead Appraiser Upgrade Training – 2 days, in person class

Courses are sold with the Model Upgrade Training class included. The Model Upgrade Training class is not available separately.

You can sign up for:

  • V2.0 Model Upgrade + Instructor Upgrade Training (3 days total, $1,000)
  • V2.0 Model Upgrade + Lead Appraiser Upgrade Training (4 days total, $2,000)
  • V2.0 Model Upgrade + Instructor Training + Lead Appraiser Upgrade Training (5 days total, $3,000)

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Refund Policy

CANCELLATION POLICY The CMMI Institute will issue refunds (less a $75 administrative fee) for written cancellations received no less than 30 days before the course begins. If notification to cancel or reschedule the class is provided to training@cmmiinstitute.com less than 30 days prior to the start date of the class, students or their sponsoring partners will be required to pay for 100% of the class tuition. CMMI is not responsible for courses cancelled due to acts of nature. CMMI Institute makes the final decision about whether a course will be held 21 days prior to the course start date; CMMI Institute reserves the right to cancel courses in cases where minimum student enrollment numbers have not been met. CMMI Institute is not responsible for reimbursing airfare or hotel costs. Students are advised not to schedule airfare or book hotel stay until 21 days prior to the class start date.