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    November, 2020

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Foundations of Capability + Building Development Excellence


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Monday November 30, 2020
Wednesday December 02, 2020
Monday November 30, 2020 - Wednesday December 02, 2020


Full Event Description

This special edition of the CMMI® Institute certified courses will provide you with the most in-depth understanding of the all-new CMMI V2.0 you can get, how use this knowledge to improve performance, participate in a CMMI-based improvement program, and ace your upcoming appraisal.

Take one, two, three, or all of the CMMI V2.0 classes during the course of one week!


These classes will thrill you with a detailed overview of the new model architecture, practices areas and practices in CMMI V2.0, and the new Appraisal Method, presented in the form of games, exercises and passionate lectures. Not only will you understand -- you'll retain your knowledge in this high-speed learning environment.


You will learn about:

  • Project Management
  • Service Management
  • Requirements Development
  • Systems Design and Development
  • Process Management
  • CMMI Appraisals
  • The new CMMI Viewer
  • Transitioning from CMMI v1.3
  • Agile content within CMMI V2.0

Note: the new version of CMMI V2.0 uses an online format, so attendees of this class will need a laptop or tablet.

Bonus Content!

In addition to the CMMI Institute Authorized course material, Jeff Dalton will present exclusive course modules that have proven to be the highlight of the course, and are only offered by the Original CMMI Badass:

  • A copy of "The Secrets of Benchmark Appraisals"
  • A copy of Broadsword's CMMI v1.3-V2.0 Translator

What else is included with these courses?

  • Bound copy of brand-new CMMI V2.0 Institute Authorized training materials
  • Course completion certificate (s)
  • 8-30 PDUs available for PMPs
  • A 30-day license to the new CMMI Viewer
  • Includes the all-new CMMI V2.0 CMMI Associate Certification Exam - right in class!


training@broadswordsolutions.com or call us at 248.871.7772

For more information about us please visit: http://www.broadswordsolutions.com

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation within seven days will result in no refund of registration fees.

Event Organizer

Broadsword Solutions Corporation

Refund Policy

Cancellation within seven days will result in no refund of registration fees.