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AFNOR Certification

AFNOR Certification

11 rue Francis de Pressense La Plaine, SAINT-DENIS,
France, 93571

Phone: + 33 (0)1 41 62 60 35

Fax: + 33 (0)1 49 17 93 46


About Us

AFNOR Certification is a subsidiary of AFNOR Group based in Paris, France and 28 international locations. We issue highly renowned trademarks AFAQ and NF.Our business:Delivering added value certification and assessment services and engineering services.Our complete offer:AFNOR Certification provides since twenty years assessment, scoring, diagnosis, and registration services of competences, products, processes, services and management systems based on international and local standards : ISO, local regulation,… . Our ability to manage multiple-site modes appraisal services:AFNOR Certification organizes ISO certification audits combined with SCAMPI™ appraisal services. Our expertise in system engineering, software and hardware activities, acquisition, services includes standards and models like CMMI®, ISO 9001, ISO TS 16 949, EN 9100, ISO/IEC 27001, ...These abilities and services give gain and benefits to our customers

Areas of Focus

  • CMMI Appraisal Services

Countries/Regions Served

  • France

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French

Sponsored Individuals

Yohan Bourgoin

Certified Lead Appraiser - DEV V2.0
Certified Lead Appraiser CMMI-DEV

Moustanir Lamnabhi

Certified Instructor - Building Development Excellence V2.0
Certified Instructor - Foundations of Capability V2.0
Certified Instructor - Partner-Led CMMI V2.0 Upgrade Training
Certified Instructor V3.0 DEV
Certified Lead Appraiser - DEV V2.0
Certified Lead Appraiser - VSD
Certified Lead Appraiser CMMI-DEV
Certified Lead Appraiser CMMI-VRT

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