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KMS Enterprises, Inc.

KMS Enterprises, Inc.

9103 Woodmore Centre Drive #311
Lanham, Maryland
United States 20706



About Us

KMS Enterprises, Inc. was incorporated in 1996 and certified by SBA as an 8(A) contractor in 2001. As an CMMI Partner, we have extensive expertise and experience in working with organizations to improve their processes using CMMI. Specifically, we have expertise and experience in the following areas: 1) Organizational definition (i.e., defining policies, processes, procedures, templates, work aids, and standards), 2) Facilitating process action teams, 3) Establishing and advising EPGs, 4) Identifying opportunities for improvement and developing process improvement plans, 5) Developing and delivering customized training courses, 6) Mentoring organizational personnel in processes and procedures, 7) Quality Assurance (i.e., providing personnel for this role, conducting independent QA reviews), 8) Providing SCAMPI team members, 9) Delivering the Introduction to CMMI course, and 10) Providing SCAMPI services. In all we do, KMS strives to live up to our corporate motto: Professionalism, Integrity, Results.

Areas of Focus

  • CMMI for Development
  • CMMI for Services
  • CMMI Training
  • CMMI Appraisal Services

Countries Served

  • United States

Languages Spoken

  • English

Sponsored Individuals

Sharonlyne Graves

Certified B/C Team Leader - DEV V1.3
Certified B/C Team Leader - SVC V1.3
Certified Instructor - Building Development Excellence V2.0
Certified Instructor - Building Service Excellence V2.0
Certified Instructor - DEV Supplement V1.3
Certified Instructor - Foundations of Capability V2.0
Certified Instructor - Intro to DEV V1.3
Certified Instructor - Intro to SVC V1.3
Certified Instructor - Partner-Led CMMI V2.0 Upgrade Training
Certified Instructor - SVC Supplement V1.3
Certified Lead Appraiser - DEV V1.3
Certified Lead Appraiser - DEV V2.0
Certified Lead Appraiser - SVC V1.3
Certified Lead Appraiser - SVC V2.0

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