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Quality Authority Consulting

Quality Authority Consulting

10001 Whitworth Way, Ellicott City, MD 21042 US



About Us

QAC is a boutique consulting firm that provides quality management services and solutions to organizational entities and business units across various industries, including, but not limited to, Information Technology, Professional Service Providers, Medical Devices Manufacturing, and Healthcare.

QAC's business engagements are performed in accordance with the firm's mission, vision, and core values. Our clients are our first and foremost priority, and we take pride in our ability to serve them. We harness the power of quality standards and regulations to solve issues within and improve quality systems, business management, product & process development, and dailyoperations across a wide range of industries, engineering disciplines, and public domains.

QAC provides insights into cutting-edge quality doctrines and best practices from a variety of businesses and industries, and trendsetting quality standards, models, and programs, such as CMMI, MDDAP, ISO, ITIL, Lean Six Sigma, etc. It is critically important for QAC to add value to our clients by increasing its business practice capability and enabling major outcomes in the areas of quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

QAC is extremely sensitive to the needs of its clients and provides myriad flexible solutions and consulting services, thereby helping businesses succeed in both the private and public sectors. QAC staff has been recognized nationally and internationally for its comprehensive quality management expertise and portfolio of services, a strong commitment to sustainability, good citizenship, and charitable initiatives.

Areas of Focus

  • CMMI Appraisal Services

Countries/Regions Served

  • United States
  • China
  • Ireland
  • Singapore

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Russian

Sponsored Individuals

Nina Malyutina

Certified Lead Appraiser - DEV V2.0
Certified Lead Appraiser - SPM V2.0
Certified Lead Appraiser - SVC V2.0
Certified Lead Appraiser - VSD

Dan R. Payne

Certified Lead Appraiser - DEV V2.0
Certified Lead Appraiser - SVC V2.0
Certified Lead Appraiser - VSD

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