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Sandhill Consultants Ltd.

Sandhill Consultants Ltd.

14 Penn Plaza, Suite 2220, New York, NY, 10122USA

Phone: 416 219 4504


About Us

Sandhill Consultants is a group of people, products and processes that help our clients:
  • Build comprehensive Data Architectures
  • Resulting from a persistent Data Management Process
  • Founded on a robust Data Governance Practice
  • Produces Da’tum Ver’it’as – Trusted, Reliable, Data
Sandhill Consultants Strengths are in our technology understanding of Modelling solutions such as ERwin, ER/Studio and PowerDesigner as well as metadata solutions such as ASG Rochade. We offer sales, services, education and support, as well as standards and best practices in the above modeling solutions.Our clients include many in the follow areas regions:
  • Large US commercial clients
  • US Federal clients
  • State and Local clients
  • Canadian Federal and provincial clients
  • Canadian commercial clients
  • UK Government clients
  • US commercial clients
  • European commercial clients
  • European Government clients
Data Management Maturity AssessmentSandhill can help your organization understand what capabilities you will need to achieve a comprehensive data architecture. Understanding the capabilities is a good first step, but you will also need to determine your organization’s competency to achieve higher levels of performance in data management.Sandhill offers a “DMM Assessment” incorporating a strategy which centers on the improvement of an organization’s data management process. Sandhill DMM is the key to bringingan effective return on opportunity for data governance efforts, and delivering trusted reliable data.Sandhill Consultants offers our Standard and Best Practices Framework for Modeling and Metadata Management solutions (EM-SOS!) Which has specific solutions for clients looking to increase their maturity level.

Areas of Focus

Countries/Regions Served

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom

Languages Spoken

  • English

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