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Shenzhen Bangqi Information Technology

Shenzhen Bangqi Information Technology

Phone: 13724396993


About Us

Founded in 2014, Shenzhen Bangqi Information Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Shenzhen and has branches in Guangzhou and Wuhan. At present, the company has 31 employees. Its customers are distributed in Guangdong, central China, Beijing and East China. It is a professional company established by domestic experts in software process and quality based on the common concept. Its main business is to provide customers with consulting and evaluation services for process improvement based on CMMI. Shenzhen Bangqi Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in research related to software R & D and improvement for a long time, and has provided a comprehensive solution for software R & D enterprises to improve their R & D capabilities. Software R & D related businesses include: agile software development training, agile coach services; Ispice training, technical services and evaluation; CMMI (development model, service model, procurement model) training, technical services and evaluation; Spca/csmm (software process and capability maturity assessment) training and consultation; Dcmm training, consulting services and evaluation; ITSS model consultation and evaluation.

深圳邦企信息技术有限公司成立于2014年,总部设在深圳,在广州和武汉设有分支机构。目前公司有31名员工,公司客 户分布在广东、华中、北京和华东区域,是由国内的软件过程和质量方面的专家基于共同的理念而成立的专业公司,主营 业务为客户提供基于 CMMI 的过程改进的咨询和评估服务。 深圳邦企信息技术有限公司长期从事软件研发改进相关的研 究,为软件研发企业提供了全方位的研发能力提升解决方案。软件研发相关的业务有: 敏捷软件开发培训、敏捷教练服 务; ISPICE培训、技术服务和评估; CMMI(开发模型、服务模型、采购模型)培训、技术服务和评估; SPCA/CSMM(软件过程及能力成熟度评估)培训、咨询; DCMM培训、咨询服务和评估;ITSS模型咨询与评估。

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