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CMMI Institute

Capability Counts 2018

Speaker Profile

Bryan Sisko, Program Manager Missile Defense Systems

Cummings Aerospace, Inc.

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Bryan Sisko is a Program Manager and Product Owner with over 15 years of experience working with the Department of Defense customer. He has experience using both agile and waterfall development methodology to manage projects and products that include government-owned software and documentation. Bryan has found that Scrum methodology provides an effective way for producing products that meet the customers' requirements and address their changing requirements, while continuing to meet program development deadlines. Bryan was instrumental in tailoring the Cummings Aerospace Scrum process to address the more formal waterfall design documentation needs of the typical DoD customer.


Satisfying Formal Design Documentation Using Scrum and CMMI

Conference Track: Achieving Capability in Regulated and Government Environments

Cummings Aerospace has tailored our Scrum process to address the more formal waterfall design documentation needs of the typical Department of Defense customer. We determined an acceptable level of tailoring that allows us to deliver robust design documentation while still adhering to the spirit of Scrum methodology. Our Scrum process design modifications were driven by the basic question: What is the purpose of the design document? Let us share our vision of how formal design products and the agility of Scrum can work together to satisfy contractual needs, while facilitating communication across engineering disciplines and software development teams.