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Darian Poinsetta, Senior Executive

Agile CxO

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Darian Poinsetta is a Senior Executive with Agile CxO, a research and development organization dedicated to providing executive leadership with the tools they need to successfully lead Agile organizations. Over his 25 year career, Darian has partnered with organizations across multiple industries to help transform their companies to achieve business value. Prior to joining Agile CxO, Darian was Vice President of Program Operations at The Olofson Group where he provided leadership and expertise in delivering complex programs to increase business performance. Darian's expertise includes program management, portfolio management, business process transformation, and solutions design/integration.


How to Align Product Management and Agile Development Teams

Conference Track: Business Results Through CMMI

Many organizations face challenges in meeting the product and service expectations of their customers. These challenges stem from a disconnect between those responsible for dreaming up new product and service features and those tasked with implementing those features and making them a reality. An approach to address this disconnect is to establish a viable product roadmap and robust requirements architecture to keep product development activities in alignment with stated product goals and objectives. This allows product development organizations to provide true business value through enhanced products and services which meet customer needs.

Agile Avenue

Conference Track: Tutorial

Instructor: Darian Poinsetta, Senior Executive Agile CxO Fee: $250 Don’t miss the return of Gamer’s Alley with more learning, more games, and MORE FUN! Hosted by Broadsword, Gamer’s Alley features interactive games to learn about agility, process improvement, and the benefits of CMMI. New for this year is “Build A Village” where teams will compete to plan, design, and build a village using only the contents of single box they are given. Prizes, fun, and hilarity are on the menu in the Alley. Don’t miss it!