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Capability Counts 2018

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Li Fei, Director

Soft Tech Development, Inc. & Excellence in Measurement Technology

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Li Fei comes from China. Currently, she is engaged in consulting work with SoftTech Development, Inc and Excellence in Measurement Technology. Before that, she took PMO work and enterprise operation and management work for several years. Speaking of the recent consulting work, as the Chief Consultant, she provided consulting service for lots of banks, such as Industrial and Commercial Bank, China Guangfa Bank, Hengfeng Bank etc. She also provided CMMI High Maturity consulting services for some companies, such as Beijing Dawning, Beijing Capinfo, Dalian Panasonic etc. She is a DevOps Master and Scrum Master, and based on her work, she published some academic papers on the learned periodical.


The Value of Software Measurement Based on CMMI

Conference Track: Business Results Through CMMI

It is nearly 20 years since CMMI entered China. Measurement is always the soul of CMMI, because the most valuable ability provided by CMMI is prediction. Here, the value not only includes the value for the industry and the enterprise, but also includes the value for the practitioners. The value of the Measurement System for the industry and the enterprise has always been talked about during our daily consulting work and management work. However, we rarely talked about the work value of Software Metrics for the specific implementer, and the influence of their career development. So with the help of this conference, I would like to share and communicate with you on this topic.