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Capability Counts 2018

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Howard W. Nutt, Executive Director

Business Development Institute International

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Howard Nutt is Executive Director of the Business Development Institute International (BD-Institute). He leads operation of this international non-profit organization, which is dedicated to extending BD best practices world-wide. Howard managed creation of the Capability Maturity Model for Business Development (BD-CMM) beginning in 2001 and has led development of subsequent versions. He has also established a range of products and services to support adopters, assess their capabilities, and assist them in implementing BD-CMM to manage and improve organizational performance in winning competitive business in government, commercial, and international arenas.


Predicting Improvement ROIs through Industry Benchmarking

Conference Track: Business Results Through CMMI

While CMMI adoption is supported by Government mandate, adoption of the CMM for Business Development (BD-CMM) draws heavily on an ROI model based on industry experience and benchmarking. During 2017, the Business Development Institute International conducted a global study to update and extend the model's ROI based on industry experience in 4 world geographies. This presentation will share top-level results from the study and demonstrate their applicability to the model's underlying CMMI maturity framework. Also, it will share how this benchmarking enables impact calculations of best practice on business ROI (including CMMI readiness) in markets and businesses around the world.