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Capability Counts 2018

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Jeff Dalton, President


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Jeff Dalton is an author, executive coach, Lead Appraiser, Instructor, and President of Broadsword, a Process Innovation firm. He is a popular conference speaker, having delivered keynote presentations at Capability Counts, the International Conference on CMMI, Agile Development East, Quest, and more. He is President of Broadsword and Chairman of the CMMI Institute Partner Advisory Board. He builds experimental aircraft and lives in Michigan with his family.


The Pedagogy Principle: Teaching Leaders How to Teach

Conference Track: Organizational Transformation and Improvement

Do Agile Leaders know how to teach? No one knows better than Johann Friedrich Herbart (1776-1841), a progenitor of modern Pedagogy, how foundational teaching and learning are to organizational agility. His theories on teaching are as relevant to agile leaders today as they have been for professional educators for the last one hundred and fifty years. In the Pedagogy Principle we will explore a learning framework for agile leaders. Well discuss goals, content, and techniques for transforming leaders from traditional command-and-control autocrats who depend on defined process control models, to teachers, coaches, and stewards of agile values.

State of Michigan’s CMMI Journey

Conference Track: Achieving Capability in Regulated and Government Environments

The State of Michigan began its CMMI journey almost a decade ago by building our State Unified Information Technology Environment (SUITE) on the solid foundation that CMMI provides. Five years ago we partnered with Broadsword to conduct our second SCAMPI C appraisal, which showed substantial progress in the 18 process areas associated with Level 3 maturity. We currently partner with Broadsword to move Agile adoption forward. Our presentation tells the story of Michigan’s progress, challenges, and lessons learned in the journey so far as well as a glimpse of the road ahead.