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Capability Counts 2018

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José Enrique Pérez, Lead Appraiser

Software Industry Excellence Center de Mexico

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José Enrique Pérez is an engineer in computer systems. He obtained an M.Sc. in Systems Design from the University of Manchester. He has the following certifications:
- HM Lead Appraiser for CMMI-DEV and CMMI-SVC
- TSP Coach and instructor by the SEI
- Knowledge Six Sigma Black Belt

He has been an instructor, developer, project manager, and software development manager. He was a speaker at SEPGLA in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. He has taught Project Management modules in Latin America. He was a professor at several universities in Guadalajara, Mexico. He has led multiple appraisals in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Currently, he works for SIE Center de México.


Tips for the Development of HM Practice Performance Models

Conference Track: Using Quantitative Techniques to Improve Performance

This conference seeks to guide the participant in the steps for the development of process performance models. The definition of a performance model will be analyzed. The need to have good quality measurements. Two types of Process Performance Models will be explored: Linear regression and Monte Carlo simulation. We will discuss the prerequisites and the results expected, the concepts of relevant and non-relevant factors, as well as concepts related to linear regression such as probability, correlation and relevant factors. The theory about Monte Carlo simulation and its concepts will be explained. - Quality measurements - PPMs prerequisites and results - Tips for model development