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Maddie Borgmann, UX Designer

CMMI Institute

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Maddie Borgmann is a User Advocate and UX Designer at the CMMI Institute. She is dedicated to creating a meaningful experience for every one that interacts with the CMMI, by focusing on every interaction a user has with a CMMI system and understanding every impression they form in their mind. She has a background in journalism, interaction design, and information systems, and believes all great experiences are built out of the merging of engineering, design, research, and collaboration.


Overview of CMMI-DEV V2.0 and Navigating the New Model

Conference Track: CMMI V2.0: Driving Performance Through Capability

This presentation will be a hands-on walk-through of the CMMI V2.0 model viewer tool in various contexts and roles. It will also be used as an interactive session to get real-time feedback about the tool, user interface, usability, user experience, etc. Finally, this session will include an overview of future plans, features, and requests/discussion for inputs from the audience for improving the viewer for future releases. The session will cover:

  • An overview of the design and basic navigation of the model online viewer
  • The selection and usage of model views
  • Agile w/Scrum + other context-specific information
  • Interface and User Experience features and feedback