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Margarida Goncalves, Partner

Quasinfalivel, lda

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Margarida Goncalves is a partner at Quasinfalivel. Quasinfalivel has been delivering consultancy in CMMI implementation since 2010. Over the years, she has been involved with several projects involving IT Companies, either product oriented or consulting oriented. Prior to CMMI Consultancy, Margarida Goncalves worked in the fields of ISO Standards and IPMA Standards. Margarida Goncalves was a Quality Manager for 7 years and managed an integrated QMS involving ISO 9001, CMMI, and other specific legislation. Margarida Goncalves is one of the authors of IPMA Individual Competence Baseline for Project, Programme, and Portfolio Management.


Use of Reference Models for a Faster Adoption of CMMI

Conference Track: Innovative Approaches with CMMI

Reference Models allow the verification of existing components of a model and how these components relate to each other, giving a high-level idea of how the model works. The Reference Models have many uses; most importantly, we can map them with more specific organization models (Concrete Models), and use this mapping to verify what kind of changes need to be done to adopt new standards and practices, like CMMI. The purpose of this paper is to show how CMMI DEV version 1.3 Reference Model can be useful for organizations who want to adopt it by using a Portuguese company that is adopting it as a case study.