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Nuno Seixas, Process Improvement Expert


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Nuno Seixas is a Certified CMMI-DEV Instructor and a subject matter expert in Performance Improvement for software development teams, with more than 10 years of experience leading projects and programmes in this domain, for organizations of all sizes. Nuno graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a professional Masters of Software Engineering. With broad experience in software development, Nuno has taken roles from software engineer to business analyst and project manager. Nuno has led several process improvement projects, mainly integrating CMMI with agile methdologies, namely, integrating DevOps practices into software development teams.


Consistency and Autonomy: An Environment for Creativity

Conference Track: Innovative Approaches with CMMI

Consistency is one key aspect not just for the CMMI model but for every organization that wants to improve performance and efficiency. CMMI has several goals and practices to make sure organizations get it. However, by giving autonomy to teams, people tend to assume those teams will now necessarily have consistency, making it impossible to build a common ground across teams. By using strong and sound configuration management principles, built on a engineering culture, we can achieve both autonomy and consistency. In this talk, I will show some examples from industries that were able to orchestrate both parameters.