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Capability Counts 2018

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Prabhakar S., Director

Honeywell Technology Solutions

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Prabhakar S. is a Senior leadership professional with over 25+ years across diverse industries including Product Development, Consulting, IT, and Large Scale Change Management. He has extensive exposure to a gamut of areas including business strategy & growth, operational improvement, quality assurance, and process excellence. He has worked in Leading Enterprise Agile Transformation and Lean Product Development (LPD).

His convincing power and out of the box thinking are key strengths that have seen him through tough situations. Moreover with his strong liaison & relationship skills, he builds and maintains long standing relations with stakeholders to strategically secure profitable & competitive business advantage.


Positive Sway in Business with a Finess in Multi-Discipline

Conference Track: Innovative Approaches with CMMI

The organization is focused on product development & services involving both Software & Hardware. They have multiple strategic business units (SBUs) and in multiple countries. Team is distributed and execution is multi-location by design. Challenge 1: Unavailability of standardized process across the SBUs which resulted in high number of UAT defects and missing functionalities. Key Solutions Practiced: Standardized process definition involving practitioners, practiced root cause analysis, focused design & integration activities etc. Challenge 2: How to up-skill the team to be more productive and supporting relentless improvements. Key Solution Practiced: Competency development program [dictionary, training, effectiveness].