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Capability Counts 2018

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Prem Ranganath, VP Quality

Trilliant Networks

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At Trilliant, I am responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive quality strategy for product engineering covering people, process, tools and an enabling culture. I provide assurance that execution of the strategy leads to outcomes and unique experiences that support our customers' journey maps for the Smart Grid, Smart City, and IIoT applications.

To empower Trilliant’s customers by connecting the world of things, I take an intrapreneurial approach for enabling lean, agile solution delivery and a culture of quality. I enjoy working with teams to solve problems using design thinking and experimentation.

I am the 2017 Capability Challenge champion and a Member of ASQ’s Influential Voices program.


Using Design Thinking to Humanize CMMI-Based Improvement

Conference Track: Business Results Through CMMI

From the early days of VOC and SIPOC, customers (whether internal or external) have been core to quality programs and continuous improvement. However, with the constant influx of methodologies and tools, there are times when the focus of continuous improvement shifts to the technology and system resulting in customer centricity taking a backseat. Metrics are tagged to business objectives so that employees understand the alignment and impact on objectives. As a result, despite colorful reports, leaders and teams are unable to connect with the purpose, meaning, and impact of improvement initiatives. People rally behind their leaders and follow a methodology without rallying behind the purpose.